Anne Bradstreet: America's Puritan Poet (Avisson Press)
A full-length young-adult biography of America's first published poet, who raised eight children in the wilderness of Massachusetts, fought frequent illness, and wrote at a time when women's scholarship was thought to threaten their sanity. Yet she produced more ground-breaking poetry than any Englishwoman before her, and held first place among American woman poets before the time of Emily Dickinson. Illustrated with photos, many by the author.



 The Journey of Emilie (Chariot Victor/Cook)
It's 1855, and after a farm failure in her native Germany, twelve-year-old Emilie's family immigrates to Wisconsin. But why does her best friend Louise have to stay behind, and her "best enemy" Rosamund have to go along? And what happens when her brother Karl insists on staying in Germany? And her mama?

 Caroline Grade Mysteries (Chariot Victor/Cook)
(1) The Music Box Test
Caroline and her friend Chad, classmates in their middle school's gifted and talented program, feel weird sometimes. But when it comes to solving a series of thefts, their penchant for logic and puzzles makes them a great team!






Caroline Grade Mysteries
(2) The Paper Route Treasure
Caroline's paper route customer enlists her and Chad to solve strange treasure hunt clues. But someone else is working on the clues, too--someone who is up to no good. Will Caroline and Chad find the treasure first?




The Adventures of Jenna V. (Crossway Books)
(1) A Place of My Own
Jenna, eleven, likes time alone to read and think and pray. Trouble is, she has seven noisy brothers and sisters, and when she asks God to fix things he sends her an eighth! What does a girl have to do to get some peace in her own home?




 The Adventures of Jenna V.
(2) A Pocket in My Heart
Jenna's sisters are acting weird. Cheerful Lia turns moody. Shy Sherry turns rebellious. Jenna's attempt to turn into something besides the quiet, boring one results in bee stings, eyebrow-plucking fiascoes, a smashed hurricane lamp, and more. Can't a girl spice up her life without creating disaster?



 The Adventures of Jenna V.
(3) The Fairy Tale Friend
Jenna and family head up north to her grandparents' summer home. But who's that reclusive princess in the flowing white dress who lives in neighboring Bluerose Cottage? And what happens when loss strikes not once, but twice?




The Adventures of Jenna V.
(4) Sunflower Girl
Middle school means many new classmates for Jenna. But what if both the coolest girl and the un-coolest girl in the whole sixth grade want to be her friends? If Jenna lets a secret slip to one girl about the other, and a series of pranks ensues, is it her fault?